About Us


The Enterprise

We started our journey in 2007 providing slaughtering and cutting and wrapping services to the communities of Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas. 


Service to the ethnic community

We realized there was a strong and growing ethnic market and decided to provide a facility dedicated to the Halal Consumer. 

The majority of immigrants coming to Canada are Muslim, and with a very high demand for halal meat.  In 2010 Simon and Abdul Wahid founded Prairie Pride Meats and decided to dedicate their efforts to the ethnic communities,  offering them 100% HALAL meats. Prairie Pride Meats is a full fledged halal meat abattoir in Alberta that has the exemption of shooting animals to meet the strict requirements of the Halal community.


We love to serve

We are pleased to offer both Western and Ethnic choices. Both in slaughter and cutting and wrapping options.  Such as Haqiqah, Qurbani, or any other special requests to the best of our ability.